Is there a magic equation to the universe? A series of numbers capable of unraveling the most complicated organic properties or deciphering the plot of “Lost”? Probably not. But thanks to one medieval man’s obsession with rabbits, we have a sequence of numbers that reflect various patterns found in nature.

Why do so many natural patterns reflect the Fibonacci sequence? Scientists have pondered the question for centuries. In some cases, the correlation may just be coincidence. In other situations, the ratio exists because that particular growth pattern evolved as the most effective

Colour Description:
ABRIL, is the Spanish name for the month in which Fibonacci came up with the idea of his famous Sequence. A Tribute to this amazing Sequence, Aurea Stone has developed the most beautiful Statuario ever seen before. Highlighting true deep light and dark grey veins with an incredible shade change inside them will make wonder is it’s real or not.

A unique ultra white background with amazing movement and pattern on it makes ABRIL the perfect choice for a high end and classy environment

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