Stone and Porcelain Splashback for the Kitchen

Striking the perfect balance between effortless style and functionality is the addition of a stone or porcelain splashback to the kitchen. Designers often love this choice of splashback, as both engineered stone and porcelain is typically easy to clean, and engineered stone offers a classic look which rarely goes out of style. Functionally, the engineered stone splashback captures all fat, oil and gravy spatters from the cooktop, keeping the walls immediately behind stain free. The stone marble look is also favoured among those in the design industry, as it offers a surface which won’t highlight finger prints or stains. If you’re a Melbourne designer or architect looking to install a premium quality engineered stone or porcelain splashback in your client’s kitchen, you’ll find the finest stone materials right here at Zenstone.

When Only the Best Will Do

Zenstone is renowned for sourcing only premium-quality stone and porcelain materials for design purposes. As a stone material that’s never anything less than elegant when well maintained and kept clean, Zenstone’s engineered stone and porcelain can add infinite class and sophistication to any setting, whether it’s over the cooktop in the form of a splashback or as a kitchen countertop.

The Benefits of a Stone or Porcelain Splashback Over Glass

Apart from its timeless appearance and relative easiness to keep clean, one of the biggest benefits of having a stone or porcelain splashback in the kitchen over a glass alternative is its durability. Stone and porcelain splashbacks, especially the calibre of those from Zenstone, are designed to withstand any conditions and are built to last.

For the very best engineered stone or porcelain kitchen splashbacks in the Melbourne CBD, the eastern suburbs and the south eastern suburbs, choose Zenstone. We have the premium quality materials you need to complete your project.

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