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Stone Wall Cladding

The nature of feature walls in a newly built or renovated home has evolved in recent years. The once popular choice of a painted wall in a single block colour has made way for the use of wallpaper with a unique pattern or design to add character to a room. But the fact is that the idea of a feature wall need not stop there. Wall cladding in either engineered stone or porcelain might be the perfect choice for a feature wall in a bathroom or in a communal living area of a house – perhaps lighter coloured stones for a beach house, or darker stones for a secluded bush cabin. If you’re looking for a high-quality, always elegant and stylish wall cladding for the purposes of adding a feature wall to an interior design project in Melbourne, you can count on Zenstone to provide wall cladding engineered stone and porcelain of a superior standard.

Quality Wall Cladding Stone for a Variety of Applications

Wall cladding in either engineered stone or porcelain can be installed for a variety of applications, from the already mentioned bathroom feature wall to the living room fireplace and even to form a visual divide in a largely open plan area. Outside, porcelain cladding can be used to add texture and character to an otherwise nondescript wall. A variety of stone and porcelain choices offer a range of options to present to your design or architecture clients. Porcelain in particular comes in a slim line thickness of either 6mm or 12mm making it ideal for wall cladding.

Zenstone provides interior designers, landscapers, architects and builders alike with the finest engineered stone and porcelain wall cladding materials in the Melbourne CBD and beyond, including the eastern and south eastern suburbs. Get in touch with us today to discover the range of materials you can present to your clients.

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